Michael C. & Ellen S.

Jeff “City” Block did everything right. A “10” in our book. From our first talk with Jeff, his honest, straight forward, professional style instilled immediate trust and confidence. He’s smart, business savvy, meticulous and very detail oriented. He has great instincts and applies his “big picture” approach with a confident sense of what’s needed to achieve his client’s goals. Jeff anticipates every possibility and leaves no stone unturned. Throughout the process, Jeff listened and heard who we were and what our objectives were. There was no issue too small to discuss or consider. His attention to us made us feel like we were “top of mind” for him, which was very comforting during this stressful time. Jeff was always focused on our goals and on reality and helped us do the same. His attentiveness and wisdom (without ever puffing or overselling) enabled us to relax because we knew we had made an excellent choice. We were 100% pleased to be represented by such a first class professional at the top of his game.

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