Ken & Deanna

I can’t imagine a better, more responsive realtor than Carrie Waterman. I met Carrie 3 months ago when I was looking at apartments in Philadelphia. I wasn’t interested in the one she was showing but I was new to the area so Carrie took twenty minutes to lay out useful, firsthand knowledge of the areas I was looking at. Two weeks later when I decided I’d like to look at buying, I remembered our conversation and how generous she was with her time when she didn’t have to be. An hour after I’d emailed her, she got back in touch and that very night created a profile for us and started giving us a steady stream of houses to look at and things to consider. This was our first time buying a house and we have a 20-month old son and Carrie did everything to make it easy. She coordinated trips with an eye towards making our hostage son as comfort-able as possible. She did Skype visits to houses while I was at work. She responded to emails the same day and texts the same hour. We were purchasing from out of town, and Carrie picked me up at the train station. She extended herself for us and continually did every-thing she could to make things easier. When there were issues, she was up front. We had a house fall through because of water damage and she was the person who alerted us to it. She was always a straight-shooter, good news, and bad news. It took us 10 weeks to find our new house and Carrie was with us every step. My wife and I highly recommend her.

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