Joe N.

My wife and I had been trying to sell our house in Center City for almost 6 months when we met Jeff. Despite working with a talented real estate agent, we had not made the progress we had expected. Our lack of success and frustration with the process had us questioning many things: was it a problem with our listing price, our understanding of the market, or sheer luck? These questions and concerns drove us to make a change with our real estate representation and led us to Jeff and the City Block Team. From the beginning, Jeff showed his high level of experience and skill in real estate. He was very candid and honest in both his views on how best to list our house and his recommendations for how to maximize its value. As we were not in the area anymore, Jeff’s ability (along with his great team member Greg) to coordinate services like minor upgrades and home staging was crucial in preparing the house for sale. When we finally listed our house, we quickly received several offers, an enviable position to be in. Jeff guided us through this process and we ultimately accepted an offer significantly above our asking price. From there, City Block Team (specifically Katrina) took us through the closing efficiently. We were able to finalize our sale from afar. Our home sale process was certainly a longer journey than we initially anticipated, but thanks to the expertise and professionalism of Jeff Block and the City Block Team, we were able to finish it positively. We would definitely recommend Jeff to future buyers and sellers!

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