George M. Pinel

I’m fundamentally mistrusting of people trying to sell me things and tried out a few agents before finding Deannah. I could tell she wasn’t just trying to get me into a deal as quickly as possible so she could make her commission and move on; she wanted to make sure I found a place I loved. Every step of the way, she proceeded with both integrity and flexibility to make sure I was more than satisfied, earning my complete trust in the process. Her service was honest, insightful, and accommodating. This was critically important to me because when I found the home I wanted, I knew the market for it would be incredibly tight and my window to place an offer fleeting. In the hands of another agent, I likely would have dallied due to lack of trust and transparency and lost the deal: with Deannah I had no such problem and was able to buy the home I wanted near-instantly. The process from start to finish was near-seamless (and the seams were all of my own making), and I am now in a home that I love. – george m.

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