My husband and I recently listed and sold our West Philadelphia rowhome with Jeff “City” Block. We had already purchased a new home and we were looking to contract with an agent to help us through selling our rowhome. Our house was in good shape, but in need of a few basic renovations and some attention to curb appeal. We had completed many of these over the last couple of years, but several were still in front of us. We knew that these renovations would add significant value to our home. And we needed to get the work done, the house listed, and the sale completed as quickly as possible. We chose Jeff Block because he is well acquainted with our neighborhood and has sold numerous homes in our area. His signs were a familiar sight on area homes for sale.

We wanted to work with someone who knew the value of a streetcar suburb like ours, and who had a track record of getting a good return. We wanted to work with an agent who could advise us on completing our needed renovations and help us prepare our home for sale. We were stunned and pleased by how much Jeff could help us. He helped us prioritize work for maximum return and advised on developing our listing. Most impressively, Jeff has great connections with excellent tradespeople in the area who could be available on short notice for our needed work. We were able to get carpentry, electrical, and other work done in a matter of weeks with Jeff’s connections. The work was high quality and reasonable investment.

Jeff’s aim is to get the best price for the seller and his connections with various tradespeople for renovations that appeal to the buyer greatly improved the value of our home for sale. Jeff was great to work with, has fantastic connections with trades and design assistance, and has excellent understanding of how to make our house and neighborhood appealing to buyers. With Jeff’s help we were able to sell our house in less than two weeks for asking price. We would highly recommend Jeff for anyone looking to sell a home in Philadelphia.

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