I can’t overstate just how great Jeff and his whole team are. Jeff helped me sell my mother’s condo after she passed away. It was an estate sale – not to mention I was out of town during the whole process – so there were added complexities. But Jeff made it simple. He connected me with – and took  care of – people who helped clean, prepare, and get the condo in order. He gave great advice for preparing it to go on the market. His team made sure the place looked and showed great – with beautiful photos, well placed advertising and publicity, and immediate responses to any leads. They were in constant contact with me (no matter what hour of the day I reached out), followed up with every visit for feedback, and negotiated an awesome deal. He even negotiated with the buyers to sell my mother’s furniture! There were no financial benefits for his team in doing so, he just wanted to help. As closing approached, Jeff’s team was on top of everything, making sure all the paperwork was completed and all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Every step of the way Jeff made the whole process easy and quick. Again, I would recommend Jeff Block to anyone interested in putting their place on the market or looking to buy.

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