Jeff is an outstanding realtor with rich experience and strong negotiation skills. He recently handled our complex sale that involved a relocation company for a cross country move, and got us top dollar for our home with an excellent offer within a week of listing. He knows Philadelphia and its  block-to-block nature, unlike other realtors I contacted that wanted to assess my home’s value based on a 1-mi radius and 3-year old comps. Jeff knows which properties we are competing with and how to ensure we win the buyers. He knows the absolute best and most cost-effective contractors to do upgrade/cleaning work, and he knows the right people to use for home staging when/where needed. We literally could not have done it without Jeff- he kept us in budget, on-time, in scope of the relocation agent’s rules, and came with a legal background/top notch negotiation skills to boot. Jeff and his team made us feel like we were their only sale, despite being one of the busiest offices in the area (for good reason!). Thank you, Jeff!

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